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Small Business Accounting

Bookkeeping is necessary for every business. It is important for every small business owner to recognize that the practices used by the most successful companies also apply to you. Following basic accounting principles is essential for success in any size business; record-keeping and financial analysis is key to not only monitor your expenses, but to discover new avenues of growth. In addition, it ensures that you stay responsible for tax obligations to the government and to your employees.


Payroll Accounting is the function of calculating and distributing wages, salaries, and withholdings to employees and certain agencies. It is generally done through different documents such as time sheets, paychecks, and a payroll ledger. Payroll Accounting also involves the process of issuing reports to upper management so that they are able to make informed decisions about the company's labor-cost data.


Quickbooks is an essential tool in every business. This software allows you to manage all aspects of your financial operations all from one place! Our specialized team at Ford & Messere, Inc. will teach you time-saving ways to efficiently manage your books, so you can focus on running your business!


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